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What is a shipper in the logistics and freight industry

In the freight industry, shippers are companies or individuals that need to transport goods from one location to another. Shippers may be manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, or other businesses that produce or sell goods and need to have them shipped to customers or to other locations for further processing or distribution. Shippers may also be individuals who need to ship personal belongings or other items.

Shippers typically work with carriers (companies that have the capacity to transport goods) or with freight brokers (intermediaries who facilitate the movement of goods by matching shippers with carriers, and help secure the carriers capacity) to arrange for the transportation of their goods. Shippers may use a variety of transportation modes, such as truck, rail, air, or ocean shipping, depending on the type and size of the goods being shipped and the distance they need to be transported.

Understanding the needs and requirements of shippers is an important part of the freight industry, as it helps carriers and brokers to design and offer services that meet the needs of their customers.