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What is a freight broker?

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A freight broker is an intermediary that helps facilitate the movement of goods from one location to another by matching shippers (companies that need to transport goods) with carriers (companies that have the capacity to transport goods). Freight brokers are responsible for coordinating the logistics of the transportation process, including finding carriers, negotiating rates, arranging for pickup and delivery, and handling any issues that may arise during transportation.

Freight brokers play a critical role in the transportation industry, helping to connect shippers with carriers and facilitating the movement of goods across long distances. They often work with a variety of carriers and are skilled at matching the right carrier with the right shipment based on factors such as route, capacity, equipment, and specialized services.

Freight brokers may work for a large brokerage firm or may operate their own independent business and employ freight agents. They typically earn a commission based on the value of the shipments they handle.