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What does it mean for freight and customs to be "released" for containers that get discharged at ports?

The process of releasing freight and customs typically involves several steps. First, the carrier or shipping company that transported the container must provide documentation to the port authorities, including details about the container, its contents, and the destination of the goods. The port authorities will then verify this information and check for any issues or discrepancies.

If everything is in order, the port authorities will release the container and its contents for transportation. This may involve the payment of any applicable duties or taxes, as well as the submission of additional documentation or the completion of other required procedures.

Once the freight and customs have been released, the goods contained in the container are free to be removed from the port and transported to their final destination. This process is important for ensuring the smooth and efficient movement of goods through the global supply chain.

  • At rail ramps, you have 48 hours to do this

  • At ports, you have 5 days to get this done, and have to secure appointment times.

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