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Creating Docs

Documentation files are located in the docs directory.

Creating a section

Create a new directory in docs/{section_name} and add a _category_.json file. This file will contain the sidebar position of the section along with the title.

Adding to an existing Section

  1. Create a new .mdx. file in docs//{section_name} directory
  2. Follow file naming convention: "{sectionName}-{pageTitle}.mdx"
  3. Add the following at the top of the new .mdx file to modify the side bar positioning
sidebar_position: 2

Make sure to Add the "title" you want displayed based on the file name.

Commit your changes

Once you made edits and add a new file, you can live-test it by running the command

npx docusaurus start

Then open in your browser:



MDX supports Markdown out of the box. To learn more about markdown, see markdown cheatsheet.

These docs are written using .mdx files. Learn more about MDX in their docs.

How to customize the Theme

We use Smooth-Doc, which is a Gatsby theme to create this documentation. In simple terms, we are using a theme to get rid of all the complexity. As a result, if we want to make changes to the theme, we can use smooth-docs documentation

Add Live code

    ```js live noInline
const content = 'Example'